четверг, 7 февраля 2013 г.

Новый купол

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  1. Many nice pictures since last time I visited this blog - many greetings from Norway :)

  2. Buenos días!! Es una maravillosa restauración cuando termine será digno de ver
    Que tengas un feliz día

    Un abrazo en la distancia pero cercanía de los corazones.

  3. I was in Russia for 2 weeks in 1989, we were there for Human Rights, and my husband had a visit with other Atty, at the Law buildings, in Moscow, Lenningrad, Odessa,
    Georgia. I loved every minute of my visit. I was in
    awe of the fabulous buildings. Everyone I met was wonderful.
    I saw lots of Art. I think everyone should see Russia.
    It is just beautiful. Thanks for your visit. I am Catholic, even though I have a Jewish Husband, he had family from a small town in Russia near Odessa. Hope you can translate
    to understand. I hope Russia will keep North Korea in line.


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